Welcome to Sweet Mia’s Desserts

Ah, the first blog post is always the hardest.  Let me start by saying thanks for stopping by and welcome to Sweet Mia’s Desserts.  Sweet Mia’s is inspired by the success of the cupcake craze.  Cupcakes are such beautiful little vessels of deliciousness and creativity!  Their individual serving size makes you  feel special because you know that sweet treat is all yours.  But what about all the other wonderful desserts out there?  Who says a pie or tart can’t be as fun and tasty as a cupcake?  Or tiramisu can’t be made and served in a stemless wine glass?  And don’t get me started on the versatility of the whoopie pie! 

Sweet Mia’s is dedicated to bringing you only the best desserts in individual or bite-size portions.  This business will always be a work in progress as new recipes are tested and added to the menu.  Testing is part of the fun, right?  And I am open to your ideas, too.  I know I’m not the only one inspired by these miniature desserts.  And I am quite certain there are other blogs with the same dessert philosophy.  So many great ideas out there it makes my head spin. 

I hope that I can inspire you and bring the yummiest little desserts to your table.  If you are in the western suburbs of Cleveland, OH I can definitely bring you the real thing and even set up a dessert table for your event.  Fun!!! 

Stay sweet!