Sweet Mia’s Desserts is a home bakery specializing in bite-sized desserts.  I am inspired by all the amazing desserts out there in the blog world and the success of the cupcake businesses.  I want to take the best of both of these and provide amazingly delicious desserts on a smaller scale.  Why stuff yourself on one regular sized dessert when you can enjoy different flavors in several smaller desserts?!?  And they are a great alternative or addition to cupcakes. 

My name is Kate and I am a self-taught baker and stay-home mom. I have been married to my amazingly supportive hubby for 13 years and we have two great kids.  I have tried the 9-5 desk job life.  I don’t like it.  I love being in the kitchen being creative and learning new baking techniques.  Culinary school would have been a great choice for me, but that is no longer an option so I am going about it on my own.  Thank you Alton Brown, Food Network, and all the wonderful food bloggers.  I hope you will stay and share in my succcesses and my failures.  It’s all part of the ride, right?


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