Two weeks to go…

Two more weeks until my knee surgery.  Eep!  I am both excited and anxious about this.  I am nervous about the pain and recovery, but very happy to finally put the surgery behind me and get on with life.  I feel like things have been on hold long enough.  

In the meantime, I have been testing recipes.  Mostly cupcakes and marshmallows.  So in love with homemade marshmallows, I could cry!  Who knew they were so easy to make?!?  My stand mixer does all the work, really, and it has been working hard the last month.  Thank you Kitchenaid for making such a sturdy beast.  🙂  So far I have made traditional vanilla, maple bourbon, raspberry, and Bailey’s.  On my to do list are strawberry, lemon, honey, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.  Drooling just thinking about them.   And they are easily shipped, which makes me happy.  I can finally provide friends and family some goodies even though they live far away . 

Thanks for all your patience.   I should be up and running full time by the end of February. 



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