And she’s back…

First, a big thank you to my customers.  I am so grateful to have you. 

Second, I apologize for the delay in updating my blog.  I injured my knee over Labor Day weekend, torn ACL to be exact.  The injury wasn’t too bad, but it made my knee wobbly and unstable so too much walking or standing was a little rough.  Some physical therapy and time made things much better.  Almost too much better because I would occassionally forget that I was injured and do things I wasn’t supposed.  Things like walking around without my knee brace for support and trying to jump up to knock down a curtain rod.  The latter resulted in my knee giving out upon landing, which resulted in a severe sprain and an emergency room visit.  This time the injury kept me on bed rest for almost two weeks.  It has now been six weeks since the second injury and I am finally able to get around enough to bake again.  Yay!  While the baking itself isn’t hard on the knee, the visits to the grocery store for supplies and standing for long periods of time while mixing and preparing were a bit too much. 

So, Sweet Mia’s is back in business.  🙂  Please let me know if I can whip up some goodies for you.



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